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TEASPILS visualization dashboard

Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) is leading the design and development of the TEASPILS visualization dashboard to show plant data collected through sensors. The dashboard is expected to support environmental awareness learning activities.

Once released, the platform will connect with the IoT devices gathering near real-time data from indoor plants and their environment. Real-time visualization of the data was the main goal to be achieved, but also, the system enables possibilities for comparing the variables along time and between each other.

Figure 1- Real-time data visualization tool

A snapshot of the status of the plant at a given time could be displayed navigating through the points in the Timeline. this screen will also show if the plant requirements are being addressed properly or not.

Figure 2- Instant snapshot of the status of the plant

An additional module is available for observations made by users to gain context and insights on what’s happening with the plant.

We are excited about how educators are envisioning interesting learning activities supported by the dashboard and look forward to see how its impact when used in real practice!


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