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Output 1 - SPOC and open online course to foster environmental awareness in schools

Partners will create a course to promote environmental awareness using plants and ambient technologies in schools. In the first instance, a small private online course (SPOC) intends to support the study participants in their tasks during the pilots. Accompanying material is provided for the participants, especially for the supervisors of the pupils (e.g. class teachers).
Instructions for actions in inquiry-based learning, such as plant care, are also made available in this online course, as well as instructions and guidelines on how to use the provided technology (hardware & software). Teaching materials to introduce young children to the Internet of Things (IoT) in combination with engaging with learning and ambient technologies
will be developed in support of exploitation by the pilot schools. In addition, the exchange within and between pilot groups can be enabled and promoted on the online platform, and direct support from the project team can be requested.
The second phase foresees the transformation of this SPOC into an unguided self-study open online course. This means the content of the earlier SPOC will be shared openly through an open licence and access to the course will be opened up to everyone. This online course not only serves the continued exploitation of the developed materials and methods, it also enables self-study and deep learning of the topic area. Teachers may use the provided OERs in their own settings and adapt them to suit the learning needs of their students or pupils, focused on digital skills and environmental awareness.

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