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Digital Green Competences Framework

Goal 1. Foster environmental awareness

- 1.1 Recognising flora & fauna around yourself

- 1.2 Understanding the diversity of plants and their specific requirements

- 1.3 Understanding the role of plants for natural habitats and in a regional context

Goal 2. Educate teachers and young people towards ecological learning spaces


- 2.1 Impact of the presence of plants on learning and well-being

- 2.2 Precautions for contact with plants

- 2.3 Using plants to good effect in learning spaces

- 2.4 Collecting and interpreting observation and sensor data from plants and people

Goal 3. Stimulate knowledge and appreciation of plants

- 3.1 Understanding the role of plants to humans and society

- 3.2 Human plant relationship

- 3.3 Plants as abstract symbol in our cultures

Goal 4. Explore plant data in classrooms and learning spaces

- 4.1 Interpreting environmental datasets

- 4.2 From data to ecological green thinking

- 4.3 Green education

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