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Online course to promote environmental awareness

A small private online course with 5 Live-Online-Sessions was conducted from September 2021 to February 2022 to support the study participants in their tasks during the pilots. The aim of the course was to promote environmental awareness using plants and ambient technologies in schools. During this phase all the the presentation were recorded.

In the second project phase a transformation of this SPOC into an unguided self-study open online course is foreseen. Therefore, it is necessary to revise and professionalise all recordings. Video editing was carried out during the summer months. Discussions with participants during the online live sessions were cut out and the presentation was provided with professional start and end slides.

In addition to the work on the course, work also continued on the piloting. It was discussed with teachers who are piloting how and with which students an implementation will take place. Personal meetings were held for this purpose. The SPIKE was also explained and presented at these meetings.


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