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Doukas School is getting greener!

The first plants have arrived at Doukas School. Secondary school students, accompanied by their teacher, Mrs. Manouri, had the chance to visit a plant nursery and be informed and educated in relation to several indoor plants out of which they chose a few to decorate the learning spaces of their school.

Students, prior to visiting the plant nursery were assigned to find the appropriate indoor plants whose characteristics match the needs of the indoor and local climate while at the same time it would be feasible to take care of them given the circumstances and more specifically their placement in a school environment. Eight students visited the plant nursery, talked with the agriculturist and gave a promise of watering and caring for the plants.

Our school is now greener, and students are full of confidence that they can be responsible and properly take care of the plants.

Doukas School, in the context of the TEASPILS project, will keep on greening its spaces by purchasing plants to be placed in the Primary school premises.


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