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Output 7 - Knowledge hub with best practice examples, manuals and technology guide

The TEASPILS knowledge hub (IO7) is one of the pillars of the project and will be the destination for claims and evidence as captured by IO1, IO5, IO6, IO8 and the Learning Teaching & Training activity. This output provides the means to maximise the project's value as a knowledge base through curation and quality control, and through search and acquisition of content that addresses the project's objectives. Furthermore, we will solicit evidence from the global community and highlight “evidence of the month” in blog form via the portal; this task will include the work needed to accept and evaluate submitted evidence and to produce “evidence of the month”. IO7 is an on-going task but it will have 2 strands along which the content will be analysed: Firstly, there will be a continued gathering of international findings and activities in the field. Secondly, a best practice publication in online form will be produced. The knowledge hub will also contain technical manuals and setup instructions as well as FAQs relating to tasks for replicating TEASPILS.
The knowledge hub will capture quantitative and thematic patterns of use, and synthesise an accessible overview of the evidence for plant-supported pedagogy and ICT as it becomes available. The aim of this intellectual output is to provide a one-stop-shop information space about plant-supported pedagogy and ICT in an accessible form. As such, the main target groups are educators of all levels (including adult education which isn't directly covered by the project) that are interested in promoting SDGs, environmental awareness, plant appreciation through IoT technologies. The knowledge hub is innovative in that it provides a focal point for materials relating to the goals of the project, but also for a participatory community of promoters for plant appreciation. Its practical approach with easy access to informative sources will help the widening of the project's impact and make it easily transferable into different settings.

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