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Output 3 - Visualisation dashboard to show sensor data - mobile and web-based app

Partners will design and develop a visualisation dashboard that will present analytics and raw data sensed by the “smart IoT planters” to support learning activities that promote understanding of environmental variables, in alignment with SDG, as well as IoT actuator skills.
A web application will access the IoT cloud platform, where the data from the smart planters shall be harvested in order to build the analytics and visualisations. The design of the webapp will be responsive so that the dashboard can render well on a variety of devices, including mobile phones. The resulting software will be documented (with user and technical manuals) and made available as open source on GitHub.
Analytics indicators and visualisations will be designed to support different types of activities, which will be formulated by the partners. We anticipate that the activities will require different visualisations and analytics at different levels of interaction including data from individual smart IoT planters (e.g., for a particular plant of whose wellbeing a learner is monitoring and taking care of) or/and a set of planters in a learning space (e.g., effects on the whole school environment) or/and across planters in different schools and different countries (e.g. to organise simulations of citizen science projects).
Additionally, the responsive web application will include notifications and alerts aligned with the actuators included in the smart IoT planters.

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